Latest updates:

  • [Jan 31] - PoL is back + several more updates!
  • [Jan 15] - Our 1st Trading Comp is now finished
  • [Jan 14] - Roadmap released!
  • [Jan 04] - UNCX/ETH market added to PreDex
  • [Jan 04] - Our Trading Comp has been resumed
  • [Jan 04] - PreDex is back online!
  • [Dec 09] - Trading competition has started on Latoken
  • [Dec 03] - PRDX is now listed on Latoken
  • [Nov 29] - We have a new team member, Rodrigo Moraes!
  • [Nov 28] - A deal was offered and funds were returned!
  • [Nov 27] - One of our contracts has suffered from an exploit, more info here
  • [Nov 24] - PRDX Yield Farming just started on Unicrypt!
  • [Nov ~~] - Tweaks to difficulty/reward curves and to the front-end
  • [Nov ~~] - Analysis of the PreDex platform usage throughout the month
  • [Oct 29] - The PreDex Trading Competition starts Nov 1!
  • [Oct 29] - Twitter thread on Predex's launch with more information
  • [Oct 29] - PreDex was launched! Click here to access it!
  • [Oct 20] - Audit report received
  • [Oct ~~] - Last mile on the frontend dev. for PreDex's launch
  • [Oct 12] - Backend code is being audited by HashEx!
  • [Oct 10] - Backend code for PreDex was just finished!
  • [Oct 05] - Featured article for PreDex on Crypto Shib
  • [Sept 30] - PRDX/USDT market added to Serum!
  • [Sept ~~] - Continuous development of the Prediction Markets
  • [Sept 21] - Important product announcement!
  • [Sept 18] - Staking v2 is live!
  • [Sept 16] - Listed on
  • [Sept 15] - First day of distributed rewards!
  • [Sept 14] - Listed on Dharma
  • [Sept 12] - 50%+ of the Initial Distribution actively staking
  • [Sept 10] - News about the Prediction Market shared on Twitter
  • [Sept 10] - 84k Tokens burned, reducing the total supply to 1.516M
  • [Sept 09] - Whitelisted on Uniswap (now showing the logo)
  • [Sept 09] - Listed on CoinMarketCap
  • [Sept 08] - Continuous marketing and development efforts
  • [Sept 08] - Our Staking Interface went live! 550k Tokens locked
  • [Sept 07] - Listed on CoinGecko
  • [Sept 06] - Team Tokens (150k) locked
  • [Sept 05] - Listed on Blockfolio
  • [Sept 05] - Liquidity (511 ETH + 171k PRDX) added and locked
  • [Sept 05] - PRDX was immediately listed on Uniswap
  • [Sept 05] - Sold out in 34m, 600 ETH at a rate of 1 ETH = 500 PRDX

  • Stay tuned for more on our website, Twitter or Telegram.

    The Distribution Is Live!

    You can purchase on mobile through the Metamask app (or another Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 tokens) or through our website on your desktop (PLEASE DON'T USE EXCHANGE WALLETS, your tokens will be LOST if you do).

    To participate with your mobile Metamask app please follow these steps:

    - Copy the Distribution Address on this page
    - Go to Metamask, click "send" and paste the address there
    - We recommend changing the "gas limit" to a value higher than 70k to make sure the transaction will go through
    - Click send - the tokens will automatically be in your wallet after the transaction has confirmed!
    Please note that it's possible to sell your tokens back to the contract for the same price at any time as long as the distribution is still active. The maximum duration for the distribution is 1 week (so September 12, 2pm UTC). In the event it sells out before that, the distribution will end and we'll proceed to the next step with the Uniswap listing. Please make sure you're comfortable with the cost of ETH fees for participating as these go entirely to the network and are not refundable.
    I've read and accepted the disclaimer above and the Terms and Conditions
    Relevant documents (click to read/download):
  • Main Whitepaper
  • PreDex Release
  • Countdown to release:

    Saturday, September 5, 2020, at 2pm UTC time

    Meanwhile, you can read/download the whitepaper by clicking here.

    Proof of Stake

    PRDX runs on a 3 tier simulated Proof of Stake (POS) mechanism that allows users to lock up their Tokens inside of the Predix Smart Contract in exchange for staking rewards. To participate, the minimum needed is only 50 tokens.

    Designed Deflation

    All tokens are minted from the start and partially locked in special contracts, beginning with a small circulating supply and enabling holders to receive extra rewards, all while regular token burns continue to decrease the supply over time.

    Prediction Markets

    Think you can make a guess on where a market is going? Then you can potentially multiply your bets by several hundred %! If bets are too far off the price at the end, some of the tokens used for them are burned.

    Tokenomics Breakdown

    Total Supply
    Staking Contract*¹
    Prediction Market*¹
    Initial Distribution
    Locked Liquidity*²
    Team Tokens*³
    Community Fund

    *¹ Tokens in the Prediction Market and Staking contracts are permanently locked for its functions. *² Liquidity will be locked in the pair for at least 2 months, at which point it'll be reassessed whether these tokens need to be burned or remain as liquidity for longer. *³ Team Tokens are locked in the first month and released 10% each month thereafter.

    Meet our Team


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    Front-End Engineer


    Head of Design


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