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Staking rewards are determined based on a leveled system, consisting of three levels. When staking, the tokens will be held inside the staking smart contract (non-custodial) and can be redeemed at any time. See the table below for details:
Level Min. PRDX amount Weekly Monthly Yearly
1 50 0.25% 1% 13.9%
2 500 0.50% 2% 29.6%
3 5,000 0.85% 3.44% 55.3%
All staking rewards are compounding, meaning that interest is earned over the previous interest without the need to start over the staking process. Distribution happens once a week, and due to its compounding nature, it's not possible to add more tokens with the same wallet if you're already staking. Unstaking will recover all your tokens at once and claim your rewards.